14.02. RaDo Spezial mit Pseudo Slang (Chicago)


RaDo Spezial mit Pseudo Slang on »Quiet Winter« Tour
am 14. Februar 2019 im Retronom!

Einlass ca. 20:30 (nach dem Kulturstammtisch)
Showtime: 22 Uhr

Eine kleine Spende wird erbeten.

About these guys:

Pseudo Slang is Emcee Sick and Dj Form flanked by countless musical contributors. Formed in NY and based in Chicago, PS has been garnering international praise over 15 years for creating a distinct, unmistakable sound which roams outside of contemporary hip hop and rap’s confines.

Emcee Sick and Dj Form have maintained a staggering show schedule over the past decade+. PS has rocked stages all over the world, including numerous tours each ranging between 30-70 cities throughout the continental United States, Canada, and Europe.

Pseudo Slang – Cyclical

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